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Pangea – How God Split the Continents

There is an obscure passage in Genesis that is generally overlooked, but holds what I believe to be great insight into our early world after the flood.  Genesis 10:25 states “Two sons were born to Eber: One was named Peleg, because in his time the earth was divided”.   I believe this passage describes a time when God supernaturally separated the continents one from another. The Bible says that Peleg (which means divide) was born 100 years after the flood and lived for 239 years.  The time frame for the continental split would therefore have been 100 years after the flood until 339 years after the flood.  The division is said to have taken place during his lifetime, but doesn’t say how long it took.

 God knew before people did – how about that!

The significance of this passage is truly amazing if we stop to examine the implications. Before the age of the sail, there were people and animals on almost every continent. How did they get there? Both creationists and evolutionists agree that there was originally one super continent called Pangea. In the 1800s, evolutionists stated the theory that Pangea split apart 95 million years ago. The Bible, written long before the 1800s, said that the earth was divided. When Columbus sailed to North America in 1492, he found people and animals. Evolutionists didn’t come up with the idea of Pangea until over 300 years later. So, the Bible described an event before its discovery!

 The fact that the continents split is not disputed by Bible believing Christians or the evolutionary world.  When it took place is in dispute.  I have heard three versions of the continental split.  The first is the evolutionary view, stating that the split took place 95 million years ago.  The second is common in Christendom, which states that the split took place during the Flood.  The third is the literal interpretation stated in Genesis 10:25, that it split between 100-339 years after the flood. 

 The evolution position

If the evolutionary view is correct, it raises some interesting questions.  How did people get here (North America, Australia, Japan, Samoa, the Caribbean, Hawaii, etc) if they evolved after the split?  People did not evolve until 2 million years ago (I have heard several estimates, none later than that).  No one suggests that we all evolved separately and simultaneously since that idea would be extreme even to an evolutionist.  They didn’t sail to those places.  The explanation I had always been taught was that they walked to those places.  How did they walk if oceans and seas surround the continents?  People supposedly crossed the Bering Straight land bridge 15,000 years ago. The water there is a minimum of 50 feet deep.  They say the ice age caused the ocean levels to drop since the water was frozen and on top of the continents, thus exposing dry land for people and animals to walk across.  Sounds logical enough until you examine the details more closely (something we don’t often do).  Doing the math yielded some interesting results.  A 50 foot drop in the oceans would fill 1117 Lake Michigans!  That would equal 1,318,248 cubic miles of water.  The volume would increase by 8.7% when it is frozen resulting in 1,432,935 cubic miles of ice.  That much ice would cover all dry land on earth with 130 feet of ice!  Since the ice age was a northern hemisphere phenomenon, there would be about 200 feet of ice covering our world here in Wisconsin.  I find that hard to believe.  What natural phenomenon would cause that much ice to cover everything?  The July sun would never allow it. 

 Then, how would these people cross that area since it was covered with 200 feet of ice?  Evolutionists say that area remained unglaciated!  Warm Pacific winds kept that area dry, even though it was cold enough to create such a calamity?  It seems like these explanations are invented to make these unlikely scenarios feasible.  Why would ancient man go to such a barren place when the entire northern hemisphere was supposedly like the Arctic Circle?  Where would they find food? 

 Lions and tigers and bears – oh my!

If the following animals did not evolve until after the continental split 95 million years ago, then how do they explain their presence in the New World: the American Lion, the American Rhinoceros, the American Cheetah, the Mastodon, the American Zebra, Camelops and the Cuban Ground Sloth?  As with man, they supposedly walked across the frozen desolate Bering Straight with no food in sight!  This to me seems very unfeasible.  As I mentioned before, either these animals evolved simultaneously in two different places or we are missing something.  By the way, remember I mentioned earlier that the ocean levels would have had to drop 50 feet minimum to create a land bridge to Russia?  Well, the ocean would have had to have dropped 500 feet to create a land bridge from Florida to Cuba.  A 500 foot drop would have created not 200 feet of ice on North America, but 2000!  Sloths do not swim!  There must be another explanation for all of this.  Before I get to that I will discuss the next possibility.

 Pangea split during the Flood?

The second explanation is that the splitting of the earth occurred during the flood.  If this is true then the Christian just inherited all of the same problems associated with the evolutionary Pangea split.  How did Koala bears get from Turkey to Australia?  How did the people get here?  The common interpretation is that Genesis 10:25 is it is actually referring to the people of the earth when it says “the earth was divided”.  I looked up the word ‘earth’ in the Hebrew Old Testament.  It occurs 738 times.  It can refer to people.  Just to be curious, I read every verse that uses that word.  The word is overwhelmingly used to describe the planet.  Not one of the other occurrences in Genesis (86 other times) refers to people.  In fact, the overwhelming majority of occurrences in the entire Old Testament refer to our world, not the people.  You see, the discussion of Peleg occurs before and after the Tower of Babel.  The Bible does not explicitly state when the Tower of Babel took place.  So, the easy explanation is when God says the earth was divided, He must have been making reference to when the people were scattered.  I find it interesting to note that in the description of the Tower of Babel, it says the people were scattered, which is a different word than ‘Peleg’ which means divided.  

 If we take the Bible at face value, then the people were scattered and the earth was divided.  I believe it means what it says.  We all spoke one language and had access to each other because of the single land mass.  But because of our sin, God separated us by language and geography.  This action limits the effects of sin, and allows one group to rise against another if one gets too wicked.  This division of the continents saved this world from Hitler and Japan in 1945. 

 What the Bible says

After the flood, God confused the languages.  People and animals walked to every part of the earth.  Then God split the land.  This explains why people and animals and American Lions and Cuban ground sloths are found everywhere.  And this explanation came before we knew of the continental split.  This is just like Job 26:7 which state that God suspends the earth over nothing!  The ancients did not have spaceships, but Job knew the earth floated through space.  Before you concern yourself with the earthquakes that would have resulted from such a split of the earth, review Joshua 10:13.  This is the real day the earth stood still.  Since we are moving at over 1000 miles an hour at the equator, God must have supernaturally dampened the effects when He suddenly stopped the earth from rotating.  He must have done a similar work when He split the earth in Peleg’s time.


  1. I totally agree with you. I just discovered something that I feel is linked to when the continents split. I homeschool my children, and we are studying the moon currently. Anyway, as it turns out, in 1984, Russell Humphreys suggested that the brecchia of the moon (the pulverized meteor-impact remains) were laid down around 190 years after the flood. Before this, it was assumed that it occured during the flood. This is evidence that this type of rock had once been in a magnetic field far more powerful than that which the Moon has today. The moons association with the seas and tides makes me think that this happened when the continents divided after the flood.

  2. God told man to fill the earth. “For this reason, a man will leave his mother and father, and cleave unto his wife.” This is how “filling” the earth was to be accomplished. Thru faith in Our Loving God. Man was never made to be dependent on another man. Man rebelled and said no. I will make MY mountain here. That mountain of pride led to the first Babylon. It was the first instance of man “fortifying his gates into the heavens”. So, God, being much smarter than man, created the languages so that man could NOT do this. Then God allowed several generations to spread out over the 1 continent, With the Animals too, and then split them. HINT, HINT,… The Seven Spirits of God who are before the throne continually. Also…. “The seven candlesticks are the seven churches of Our Lord” God Bless those “hear and understand”. Seek and ye shall find, ask and it will be given. These promises only hold true to those that are holy and righteous in the Blood of Our Master. Those that keep the law from the heart, and hold the testimony of salvation thru the ultimate sacrifice. They who overcome. If you have the soul killing sins listed by Jesus in your life. That is what will keep you so far from God that you will only be able to pray to HIM with guilt and shame, and not praise and thanksgiving. These are the sacrifices HE desires, NOT the sacrifice of a 2 hour worship week. Not because your playing Christian, but because you are Christian. We are KIngs and Heirs with Christ thru the blood of the Lamb. The Bride that is asleep and has not oil are those that believe on the name of Jesus, but have not fully accepted His sacrifice. I call it head Jesus instead of Heart Jesus. Seek ye first the Kingdom people.Amen.

  3. I agree with your theory, it’s seems to be the most understandable one. Although the christians that believe the verse on “peleg” meant that the “nations, or people of the earth” were divided, have strong supporting verses for their theory as well. A comment on Rob Caldwell’s note. Do you mean that the “7 spririts of God” has something to do with the 7 contininents?

  4. I was just reading Genesis 2:10 “And a river went out of Eden to water the Garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into the four heads (four rivers)”. The Bible goes on to explain where each of these rivers used to flow. The first river Pison (some believe is the “Ganges”) where there is gold (some believe this is India or South Africa. The second river is Gihon (some believe to be the Nile). The third river Hiddekel (some believe to be the Tigris). And the fourth river is Euphrates.

    Commentary from The Expositor’s Study Bible:

    “These rivers at the present time have their sources far apart. The explanation, no doubt, lies in the flood, which altered the topography of the Earth. The headwaters of the first two were drastically changed, while the last two remain basically the same. In fact, it is believed that the Garden of Eden may have been located, as stated, at the joining of the Tigris and Euphrates, which is the site of ancient Babylon.”
    After reading this, I began to search: “What did the continents look like before they separated?” And found this page. I believe that the passage and explanation that you have brought forth through God’s Holy Word is a better explanation than “the flood”.

    Here’s your opening thought (revelation):

    “Genesis 10:25 states “Two sons were born to Eber: One was named Peleg, because in his time the earth was divided”. I believe this passage describes a time when God supernaturally separated the continents one from another. The Bible says that Peleg (which means divide) was born 100 years after the flood and lived for 239 years. The time frame for the continental split would therefore have been 100 years after the flood until 339 years after the flood. The division is said to have taken place during his lifetime, but doesn’t say how long it took.”

    Now also from the Expositor’s Study Bible:

    “The Earth being divided in the days of Peleg refers to the time of the Tower of Babel, and the confusion of the languages of God.”
    It seems clear that God not only divided the language, but also the continents. It is also possible (but requiring further study) that He may have done this at the same time or at least in the same time frame (after the flood) as you have described.

    The Biblical puzzles of the four rivers and of God separating the Earth seem to line up with the theory of Pangaea.

    Looking at the map of Pangaea, I wonder if the first river Pison isn’t now the Atlantic Ocean. There is a lot of gold in South Africa and that is where the river Pison would have let out into the larger ocean now known as the Pacific. Also, if somehow Pison had two outlets, the other (by looking at the map of Pangaea) would have let out into the larger ocean near what is now California (where also gold was discovered in large amounts).

    However this works out in reality seems interesting. But please, I pray we not let this kind of study in any way hinder the sharing of the Truth and power of the Gospel which is Jesus Christ and Christ crucified (reference 1 Corinthians 1:18, and 1 Corinthians 2:1-2). Amen.

  5. you have to bring to thought…what makes one so sure that man was not on earth before the earth split up and everything buried or under water. just because they not found proof on top?

  6. […] Continental drift occurring after that in gradual stages is something I see much evidence for – especially after the Tower of Babel era. No problem. It was just a little rabbit trail that come up in figuring out how certain […]

  7. When God separated the waters from the land, He put the water in one place and called it seas. Now God lives outside of time and space and any dimension created by Him. Our God is unbelievably powerful. God split the continents while people were on it without any earthquake or noticeable movement at all. One moment the land mass was together and then a split second later it wasn’t. It was that fast, and that quiet. In a blink of an eye.

  8. It’s true that God can do it ANYWAY HE WANTS TO. Whether God did it instant of over a period, means little to me. He usually does go according to HIS physical laws though. Either way, my trust and beliefs are not rattled because I am not smart enough to understand. If it was good enough for Jesus and the Apostles, it’s certainly good enough for me.I’m 66 and still learning that God is good and ALL powerful.

  9. Reblogged this on New Pilgrims Progress and commented:
    Faith is so important when we deal with the things of God. Faith is how God has allowed me to know and trust him… For without Faith it is impossible to please God… It Pleases God when I whole heartedly trust him.

    It is so interesting to me how God has revealed Himself in every aspect of our existence. We are truly blessed of the Lord when we believe. He made us for Himself to reveal His glory…

    The more i think about it as i am typing this all i see the beauty of His deliberate choice.

    Thank you Lord for your marvellous revelation to me. Thank you for giving me a heart that innately believes in you. Thank you Lord and be glorified!

  10. Sir thank you for this, I am in a Earth Science class. I am in the 10th grade and we were on the subject of continental split and I saw under the slide it said 200 million years ago. I knew this was wrong and I also knew there was a verse in the bible that says something about the earth splitting. I found this and am so happy to have found it. I am going to go read my bible cause I feel so nasty after being in that evolution infested place. Thank you again!

    • So glad to have been an encouragement to you! Keep reading that Bible and keep seeking God for answers to the evolution you’re taught. Feel free to ask any other questions you come up against.

  11. im happy to read about all you folks who have had their eyes opened, the evolutionists will have you believe all kind s of things, they don’t want to accept the word of god, but as you folks know a time is coming when they will have to eat their words, what a bitter taste that will be.
    god be with you all, let the light shine bright,

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