Why study creation?

Why is all this important? Why look into the science and math behind the Bible? Shouldn’t we just accept the Bible for what it says and forget science? Or just call the Bible a fairy tale and stick with science?

How many people do you know (and maybe you fall into this category yourself) who went to public school, were taught evolution as if it were proven fact, and then questioned the truth of the Bible as a result? I believe that is the reason why so many young people who grew up going to church turned away from their faith as they got older. They just couldn’t incorporate what they were taught in science class with what they learned in Sunday school. They chose to believe their atheist science teachers instead of the Bible because nobody taught them that God’s Word doesn’t contradict good science.

I’ve had college students walk away from my seminars and tell me, “You made God real to me!” That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. I want you to see that God’s Word is true and trustworthy from beginning to end. You should never check your brain at the door when you study the Bible, nor should you check your faith at the door when you go to science class. It all works – trust me!

My desire is that you will learn to ask questions. Things like “How do they know that?” and “Where’s the proof for that?”. Don’t blindly accept what you’ve been taught, whether it’s your Sunday school teacher, science teacher, or National Geographic Magazine. Just because people have more education in a certain field doesn’t always mean that they have more correct answers to your questions. Those who don’t follow God have become willfully ignorant. (2 Peter 3:5) We sinful humans have an amazing ability to deceive ourselves and deny the truth when it isn’t convenient.

So that’s my heart in sharing all this. That you will know God better and follow Him more closely. I welcome your comments and questions.

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7 Responses to Why study creation?

  1. Pastor Phil Guerena says:

    Was the parting of the earth before the Tower of Babel?

    • saysthelord says:

      I believe that the Tower of Babel was before the split. Click on the “Pangea” article on the right to read why I believe that.

    • A says:

      I believe there is a lot of information in the bible that pertains to the “1st earth age”
      The tower of babel was on the continent of “Pangaea” When God says the ppl were getting too “smart” God divided Pangaea into the 7 continents and changed their language

      This happened in the days of “peleg”

  2. deboah says:

    i think that u are true . God is everything to me .They say this and that about science as the flasks break in the lab.-I love God. Lord knows that i have sinned and I as a citizen have a right to know that i am wrong when i am wrong. God cares for the earth and he will return to his prosperity and people with the speed of light.

  3. a says:

    is this site still open? humbly…allan

  4. allan says:

    If you like more info on my comment on Pangeae, I could forward you a lot of information I have written (or copied) on Pangeae

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